I have been very lucky in my career to work with, and learn from, amazing professionals. Here are some of what my former clients, colleagues, and supervisors say about me:

“I had the pleasure of working with ShannaLee while at the Association of Immunization Managers as her client. ShannaLee led content strategy and project management for our website redevelopment, creating user testing exercises and carefully analyzing the results, offering much-needed recommendations, rewriting content, and much more. ShannaLee’s positive, kind energy made this project fun despite the tremendous amount of work we faced. Her dedication to continuously learning about her craft and to deliver results makes her and the Maje Media team the best group of contractors I’ve worked with. I trusted her wholeheartedly throughout the web project, and that type of working relationship is difficult to find. ShannaLee is a gem!”
Jasmine Berry, Health Communications Specialist at FDA/Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

“ShannaLee is a pleasure to work with. She is witty, knowledgeable, and insightful and her bubbly personality and enthusiasm for keeping projects on task while understanding the needs of the team cannot be understated. She is diligent in ensuring client requested tasks or enhancements are part of the agreed requirements and Statements of Work and has a talent for amicably communicating outliers to the client effectively and in turn, keeping project teams aligned with milestones. ShannaLee’s background in digital marketing and knowledge of content management systems were always helpful in understanding project roadblocks and she was always willing to jump in and help, no matter the task – research, content, testing – you name it.”

Jen Rassmussen, Solutions Developer, Sitecore

“ShannaLee is able to help anyone, or any entity, find their voice and speak to their target audience. She does this through thorough research, understanding of how audiences work, and a passion to help people find what they’re looking for.

Being a client-service organization I appreciated her professionalism when dealing with clients and my company’s relationships with them.”

Rebecca Dessonville, Founder, Purrly Digital (formerly Maje Media)

“I have been thoroughly impressed by ShannaLee’s ability to connect the dots across projects, organizations and communities. Her ability to see outside the scope of a current project and bring in context, stakeholders and subject matter experts has meant the success of many projects I’ve seen her complete, and she does this effortlessly. She is a jack of all trades, a quick learner and a thorough worker. I would highly recommend her for any project requiring strategic planning, content strategy, project management and content management.”

Liz Star, Founder, Blue Star Stories

“ShannaLee is an exceptional communications professional. Fantastic insights, and hard working, it was a real pleasure working with her every day. In our short time together she grew immensely as a professional, and with her skill set the sky is the limit!”

David Kaplan, Founder, Kaplan Strategic Partnerships

“ShannaLee is a creative and resourceful person, attentive, open to new ideas and unafraid to make suggestions. This is critical in a service-oriented business, where solutions are achieved through building upon each others’ ideas and working as a team to keep your clients happy.

On a personal level, I admire her for her dedication to social causes that improve the lives of others. I commend her for the importance she places on helping those in her community, and her global outlook.”

Joellyn Gum, Marketing Manager, LHB

“I always enjoyed working with ShannaLee. She is a strong leader, energetic, passionate about her cause, and a person who gets the job done. She is reliable and hardworking. But most of all she is fun and easy to work with. I miss having her in Duluth and I hope she moves back.”

Don Ness, Executive Director of the Ordean Foundation, former Mayor of Duluth

“ShannaLee is a self-motivated, conscientious, caring administrator. The best I’ve ever worked with in my long career. Very knowledgeable about computers and software. She is a gifted writer and a joy to work with.”

Fred Easter, Education Management and Fundraising Professional, retired

“ShannaLee brings a passion and perspective to her work too rarely seen in business. Her writing and insight are both first-rate.”

Nick Lansing, Account Executive, Minnesota Public Radio