900x900As the Digital Project Manager and Content Strategist for Maje Media, I was responsible for managing the overall execution of web development initiatives for clients from crafting responses to proposals through final delivery. This included creating and managing project plans, tracking project timelines, maintaining status reports, coordinating internal resources and external partners, and planning and tracking budgets. I was in charge of scheduling, general coordination, daily communication, project documentation and client support.

Because of my additional skills and experience in marketing and communications, I took initiative in working with the owner to define target audiences and services so we could develop and implement branding, key messages, and digital strategy to attract and retain clients. This work was successful in growing the business by 40% over the course of the year. I also wrote and managed much of the content at majemedia.com, provided client support through the help desk, built knowledgebase articles, assisted in WordPress website builds, trained clients to manage their sites, and provided marketing and communications consultation on agency projects.

Maje Media was a fully remote company, and this role required a great deal of entrepreneurship, independence, and the ability to manage several projects and quickly changing priorities.

As the company entered 2018, despite the positive growth, the overall business needs changed and I moved on to work for Aware and Verndale for a couple of years. I now regularly work as a consultant for Maje Media – now rebranded as Purrly Digital – to provide project management, content strategy, user experience design, and digital marketing services.

Blogging and Social Media Management

Maje Media had a presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. I created an editorial calendar for our blog and social media accounts, and managed the agency social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. In addition to developing the strategy, I was responsible for writing and editing blog content as well as driving traffic to our site to increase awareness of our services. In 2018, we planned to also implement an email marketing program with exclusive content for our target audiences.


Client Website Design and Management

I managed client website development projects, including this total transformation for the Companion Housing Programs in Minneapolis. I helped build websites in WordPress for clients purchasing the Basic Build and Simple Starter packages. I also helped our clients with website updates, trouble shooting, and training, in addition to consulting on content strategy, SEO, and inbound strategy.